SeaSonic 30.x series

The time for turbines is now!

The SeaSonic 30.1 limited was developed and assembled by turbine expert Ted McIntyre.

The power and perfection combined with it's performance, design and exclusivity cannot be exceeded. It was built to show that diesel turbines are the perfect engines for a boat.

We have taken a technically advanced approach in this area and utilized road racing style seats and harnesses with adjustable suspension. The extraordinary aerodynamic and stability of the SeaSonic are the result of experience and long development. Moreover the cockpit is designed to offer a maximum of comfort and safety.

With speeds of more than 120mph the boat seems to fly over the water and attracts the looks of everyone around it.

Only ten SeaSonic's are to be built worldwide: model 30.1 to 30.10. We want these boats to establish turbines in the boating world.

Technical information:

Length: 8,80m (10,00m w. bathing platform)
Width: 2,60m
Hull: Catamaran
Engine: Turbine 800 hp, 2400 Nm
Fuel: Diesel, Kerosine or Jet A
Fuel capacity: 500 litres
Gearbox: 3 to 1 speed increaser 6000 rpm, aluminum water-cooled sump
Drive: Mercruiser I XR assembly, hp transom assembly
Steering: IMCO full hydraulic, external stainless steel cylinders w. power assist
Instrumentation: Gaffrig monster series, white faced w. red anodized bezels
Electrical: MTT 12/24V Smart Start system with 65 amp alternator. Breaker protected circuitry
Batteries: 2 batteries for boat systems, 4x 88AH gel batteries made by Hawker Industries for TurbineTecSystems
Stereo: Sony CDX-C 5005 AM/FM CD Player, 4 speakers
Vmax: 90mph (150km/h), 120mph (200km/h) with optional equipment

More pictures of the SeaSonic 30.1 limited are available here.

Enjoy a ride in the SeaSonic 30.1 limited! MPG Video [ HiQ | LowQ ]

Check out the structure of the SeaSonic's turbine.

SeaSonic 30.1

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