Industry Applications

by TurbineTecSystems and MTT

fire pumps

Marine Turbine Technologies is pleased to offer its fully transportable fire pumps to the industrial and commercial markets. The pumps can be used for fire suppression, irrigation, water jetting and pipeline construction. Capable of dispensing foam or liquid, the pumps can be fueled with diesel, LPG, natural gas, kerosene or jet fuels.

  • 136L x 6W x 112H
  • 12,000 Lbs. (Lightweight, helicopter transportable units available)
  • Pumps 8,000 gal/min @ 180 p.s.i.
  • 150 meter throw
  • SKUM monitor with remote control panel
  • Aurora pump (SS impeller & shaft): 16 suction w/ 10 discharge
  • 1,400 HP Gas Turbine Powered
  • FIFI I, II, & III systems available
  • 300 3,000 HP systems
Fire Pumps



military projects

MTT's military division recently participated in an “invitation only” call out from the U.S. Department of Defense. In response to the Department of Navy’s policy to remove all gasoline powered equipment from military vessels by 2010, the DOD had several companies demonstrate non-gasoline burning technology in Panama City, FL in an effort to meet the Navy’s mandate. MTT demonstrated the Y2K Superbike, the Retro Rocket and the turbine outboard mounted to a 28’ Nautica RIB. In the finishing stages of a Phase I SBIR contract with the Naval Surface Warfare division of SOCOM, MTT anticipates a Phase II award in the next few months.


twin turbine engine airboat

Our boat successfully initiated deep water starts and dry ground starts and stops without any problem whatsoever. Our turbines provide more horsepower and more torque with less weight than any standard gasoline or diesel engine.

  • Most powerful airboat in existence
  • Designed and built in 1997
  • Built as a "Mobile Seismic Drilling Rig"
  • Capable of dry land starts with payload of up to 5,000 pounds
  • Powered by two 750 HP Turbine Engines driving 6-bladed composite propellers
  • Features shiftable transmission
  • With prop disengaged, the engine can be used to provide a generator or pump on a stable, stationary platform<
  • Conventional diesel fuel supply

The above mentioned vessel is equipped with twin Lycoming LTS 101 gas turbines boasting 1,500 combined horsepower. We have also added a smaller version of this turbine-airboat: a 14' 300 hp airboat. These airboats are specifically well suited for the oil industry and rescue industries and are available on a lease program to qualified parties.


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