Turbine Applications

by TurbineTecSystems and MTT


what's a turbine ?

By definition, a turbine is an engine turned by the force of gas on fan blades. The concept is simple. Fuel is atomized in a combustion chamber located in front of the turbine wheels, which are spooled up by an electric starter. Upon ignition, the gas emitted from the combustion process expands, causing the fan blades to spin and producing incredible power in the form of thrust or shaft horsepower. Because all of the moving parts spin, turbines are well suited to run for long periods at high power without self destructing like their reciprocating counterparts. MTT uses power turbines in its installations. Instead of using thrust for propulsion, power turbines have output shafts, which are coupled to driveline components. Found in turbo-prop aircraft and helicopters, power turbines are excellent power sources in many applications. Originally designed for commercial aviation applications, turbines have incredible service requirements and life expectancy. Because the ramifications of engine failure in aircraft are so serious, the highest quality parts and materials are used to build these engines, meaning that the likelihood for failure is much lower than in reciprocating engines.


MTT is extremely proud of the vast and diversified experience of its crew. The Team, as we like to call it, brings more turbine expertise to our unique product line than any company in the world. Several members have been involved in the design and reengineering of the Bell 222 helicopter converting the ship from Lycoming power to Rolls Royce Allison engines. All engineering and design work is done in house. This allows MTT to insure every installation functions as intended. Having completed more custom turbine installations than anyone in the world brings a unique ability to foresee any problems that may occur down the road. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXPERIENCE! MTT has its own machine shop and fabrication facility allowing for on site customizing of each project. Our electrical division has developed several proprietary systems that are exclusive to every MTT product. Racing has always been the true test of any equipment's reliability. MTT has recognized this by competing in several venues including twice participating in the New Orleans to St. Louis Mississippi River Challenge. MTT was the sponsor in 1990, when the record was shattered by almost 8 hours by a turbine-powered craft. Additionally, our chief engineer and head designer of our Y2K motorcycle group has competed in the grueling Paris to Dakar rally both as an independent rider and a factory team member. If you add it all up you will find there is only one conclusion, if turbines are in your future, MTT is the company to make those dreams a reality.

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